Miraval Announces Miraval at Natirar, 86 Room Spa Resort in New Jersey

Miraval Resort & Spa, the award-winning destination spa in Tucson, Arizona, has announced plans for the opening of Miraval at Natirar. A luxury resort and spa situated on the Natirar estate in Somerset County, New Jersey, formerly owned by the King of Morocco, Miraval at Natirar marks an exciting new period of expansion for the Miraval brand. Located within the hills of this 500-acre park, less than an hour from New York City, Miraval at Natirar marks the next phase of the Natirar resort development project, presently consisting of the award-winning Ninety Acres Culinary Center, a 12-acre sustainable farm, banquet & catering facilities, and a private membership club.

“We’ve always believed that the Miraval experience should not be limited to those who have the opportunity to visit the resort in Tucson, and have continuously looked for ways to bring the Miraval mindset and lifestyle to new people in new places,” said Jean and Steve Case, owners of Miraval. “The Natirar estate is an opportune setting to create a new experience that is uniquely Miraval, and we look forward to unveiling it to guests in the near future.”

“The Miraval brand and its wellness philosophy are wholly aligned with the Natirar vision: to offer a lifestyle that delivers balance and wellness, helping guests and members reconnect and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits,” said Bob Wojtowicz, Founder of Natirar. “The new resort and spa program will perfectly complement our current guest and member offerings.”

“With so many of the Miraval Tucson guests residing in the Northeast, Natirar’s proximity to New York City and the surrounding region coupled with the extraordinary physical setting made it a natural choice for Miraval,” said Michael G. Tompkins, Chief Executive Officer of Miraval Resort & Spa. “Although the new property will offer the same level of luxury and authenticity as the Tucson property, each location within the Miraval brand is unique to its setting and will offer its own authentic experience. We’re excited to be poised for growth, and are actively evaluating additional select locations across the US at this time.”

When complete, Miraval at Natirar will boast an 86-room luxury hotel with suites in Natirar’s historic mansion, a state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot spa, a 10,000 square foot wellness pavilion, a 4,000 square foot yoga center, a spa restaurant featuring Miraval spa cuisine as well as a series of meeting facilities. Guests of Miraval at Natirar will also be able to experience Natirar’s Ninety Acres Culinary Center, which includes a premier culinary education facility as well as Ninety Acres, a celebrated farm-to-table restaurant that sources ingredients from the 12-acre sustainable farm surrounding the Culinary Center.

Miraval Resort & Spa, www.miravalresorts.com

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