Scandinavian Airlines Launches New Service Concept For Flights


In June, SAS is launching a new service concept, replacing the previous service classes with two brand new alternatives: SAS Go for customers who want to have a lot and SAS Plus for customers who want to have more.

The company has worked with customers to develop the products, which are aimed at meeting the increasing demand for smoother and more time-efficient journeys for both leisure and business passengers.

In November last year SAS launched a new pro-active plan, 4Excellence Next Generation (4XNG), to secure the its status as a competitive company. Their operations are now radically changing with new collective agreements for their flight staff, the centralization and downsizing of their administrative organisation, and the outsourcing and sale of operations.

SAS is introducing two brand new service concepts in Scandinavia and Europe – SAS Go, for customers who want to have a lot, and SAS Plus, for customers who want to have more.

“We want to make travelling easier for our customers,” sayid Rickard Gustafson, CEO and Group President of SAS. “And this includes SAS Go and SAS Plus. For SAS simplicity is when customers receive exactly what they need. When we were developing this new concept, we based on our work on our customer needs rather than on industry standards,”

SAS Go always includes a checked bag at no extra charge, coffee or tea onboard, as well as several services to save time, including mobile check-in. SAS Plus includes two checked bags at no extra charge, SAS Fast Track, lounge access, meals and drinks onboard as well as twice the number of EuroBonus points; all of this is on top of the benefits offered by SAS Go.

There will also be a completely new onboard service concept, where the traditional airplane food will be replaced with a Café and a new range that will be offered to all customers onboard.