Mediterra Offering World War I Tour, Other Commissionable Packages

Franz Ferdinand Archduke of Austria was just about ready to take over rein and crown from his father Franz Joseph I and become the head of Austro-Hungarian Empire. The year was 1912. But unfortunate plot in Sarajevo on this bridge on June 28, 1914 prevented him for taking over.

This incident led to the bloody World War One that caused over 37 million casualties. The exact place where Archduke Ferdinand was killed and other details of the beginning of WWI are featured in Mediterra Bosnian Tour programs.

Mediterra will organize special departures to Sarajevo with visit to Croatia to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this important day in human history. Numerous events, symposiums, and re-enacting of the incident will be staged next year in Sarajevo.

Mediterra is also offering FAM trips to travel agents to many Mediterranean countries as well as great selection of interesting and unique tours.


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