Signature Travel Network Wraps 2013 Regional Council Meeting With Positive Outlook

Signature Travel Network recently conducted its annual tour of Regional Council Meetings designed to keep in touch with members, share results and earning opportunities, and formulate innovative ideas for the year ahead.

Meetings were held in seven cities, including Santa Monica, Newport Beach, San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale and New York. The interactive sessions provided an opportunity for dialogue between members and Signature management as they exchanged ideas, explored optimal business practices and addressed other current issues. Signature’s management staff shared technology innovations, marketing strategies, and positive sales trends for both 2013 and 2014.

Signature also takes this time to review existing programs and strategies and take them to the next level. Sharpe notes, “Through the sessions, owners validated Signature’s focus, which is to continue to grow sales by leveraging our turnkey marketing tools, best-in-the-industry arsenal of technology tools and strong supplier relationships. The owners are also excited about the new reporting and training tools developed to support the focus areas.”

The organization’s redesigned online learning portal, Signature University, was unveiled to owners during the sessions. Weyer explains, “Our training content now includes a new library of short ‘How-To Guides’ and ‘Video Tutorials’ searchable by key word, which provides members with one-click-training access at their fingertips.”

The owners and staff of Signature will gather again in late September at the annual Owners Meeting, to be held in Washington D.C. at the Mandarin Oriental. Sharpe explains, “The opportunity to spend face-to-face time with members is invaluable. We strategically select May and June for Regional Council Meetings, because we’re still able to impact business for 2013, as well as begin planning ahead and prioritizing for 2014 based on what the members need. September is ideal for the annual Owners Meeting, because it’s where we officially launch new and enhanced programs that will shape the path for the year ahead.”

Signature Travel Network,

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