The Affluent Traveler Collection Reports Strong Growth In Luxury Travel Sector

The Affluent Traveler Collection sailed through the second quarter on a positive note, having seen strong growth over the last year. Preferred supplier sales among its travel advisers increased an average of 20 percent across all sectors in 2012, with escorted tours proving to be the most popular. This marks the third consecutive year of year-over-year growth.

“Luxury travel is definitely on the rise and is stronger than ever,” says Nicole Mazza, Chief Marketing Officer for The Affluent Traveler Collection. “Our consistent year-over-year growth demonstrates that customers see the power and expertise behind The Affluent Traveler Collection name and suppliers see the value in partnering with us.”

Supplier demand to be part of the by-invitation-only organization has seen a consistent increase as well, having expanded from a few dozen preferred partners upon the brand’s inception a few years ago to over a hundred today. But despite its continued growth, The Affluent Traveler Collection never compromises quality for quantity.

While agency requests to join the group is also on the rise, The Affluent Traveler Collection’s selection process remains as strict as ever.

The Affluent Traveler Collection,