Tourism Cares Announces 2013-2014 Globus Special Grantees

Four sites have been selected as 2013-2014 Tourism Cares Globus Special Grantees. Tourism Cares has selected four locations which exemplify the need to preserve iconic sites appreciated by millions of visitors each year.

Beginning in 2004, Globus, a worldwide leader in escorted travel has supported Tourism Cares grants for the preservation and restoration of North and South American sites. The selected sites are highlights of popular Globus North American vacations. The growing portfolio of philanthropic commitments reflects the diverse geography and beauty of the world.

Fundación Galápagos Ecuador, Ecuador

Fundación Galápagos Ecuador, was created in 1998 by ETICA – Metropolitan Touring, a well known travel company in Ecuador known as a leader in sustainability. Their goal is to involve the local community in understanding the Galápagos Islands and be involved in protecting them. Their responsible tourism approach to environmental conservation has been a model adopted around the world. The organization has received numerous awards and recognitions in recent years for setting new standards in Ecuador’s tourism industry. The Tourism Cares Globus Special Grant will assist projects for environmental education for children, solid waste recycling and coastal cleanup.

Friends of World War II Memorial, Washington, DC

The mission of the Friends of the National World War II Memorial is to ensure that the legacy, lessons, and sacrifices of World War II are not forgotten, to enhance the educational experiences of visitors, to support commemorative and celebratory events at the memorial, and to contribute to the continuing care of the memorial and its grounds. To help achieve those goals, the organization has a multifaceted educational program for student groups visiting the memorial to expand their understanding of World War II and enhance their appreciation of the memorial. Volunteers are recruited and trained as docents, who lead special educational tours of school groups. The Tourism Cares Globus Special Grant will support the Educational Enhancement Program at the National World War II Memorial, a site that receives more than 4.4 million visitors annually.

Friends of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i

The mission of the Friends of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii is to support needed improvements and maintenance at this outstanding U.S. park, on the island of Hawai’i. Designated a UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve, the park attracts more than one million visitors a year. The grant to the Friends will assist in the restoration of the artworks of the late Hawaiian artist Herb Kane in the Jagger Museum. Kane’s large panels tell the traditional story of the volcano deity Pele and her family. These stories are of great cultural significance to native Hawai’ians and their location at the Jagger is ideal as it sits on a cliff overlooking the Kilauea Caldera and the Halema’uma’u Crater, the legendary home of the fire goddess. The museum is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Zion Natural History Association, Utah

The Zion Natural History Association supports educational programs and advancement at Zion National Park, in the canyon lands of Utah. Zion NP, one of the American Southwest jewels of the National Park system, attracts more than three million visitors a year, about 25% from international locations. The ZNHA raises funds to support the park through a number of educational events, publications and field trips. The association has a focus to provide programs for youth and families to experience Zion, including a Junior Ranger Program and numerous activities and materials for families. The Tourism Cares grant to the association will support these youth-oriented educational programs.

Each site will receive $8,000 over two years.

Tourism Cares,

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