How to Switch From Host Agency to Coral Sands Travel

Many agents have asked how to switch to Coral Sands Travel from your present Host Agency.

Agents are not stuck with working with a single Host Agency despite what their contract may state. The IRS frowns on this activity as it may bring an Employer-Employee relationship in play.

This said, if you do do want to work with your present host for whatever reason, the following is step by step instructions on how to break it off with your present host and join Coral Sands Travel.

You must give your present host at least 30 days notice that you are leaving. You may or may not provide a reason for leaving. Be sure your agreement with them provides them paying any outstanding commissions due you. If there are outstanding commissions you might want to compare the costs of remaining with the host until commissions are paid or just forego future commissions, whichever is most cost effective.

Keep in mind whether you give notice or choose not to, you can join Coral Sands Travel at anytime. There will be no fees to join Coral Sands Travel if you were formerly a member of CST until August 31, 2013. Normally it is $99 with no monthly fees.

Go to
Click on “Application” on left side menu
Complete the application and submit online
Once they receive the application, they will send reset your login to the agent’s website
If you still have your old logins most of them should be good.
If you have any questions, please email

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