Aeromexico Dreamliner Leads Nation’s Record Fleet Upgrade


Aeromexico today presented its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner at its new Maintenance Hangar located at the International Mexico City Airport (AICM). This makes Aeromexico the only national airline and one of the first carriers worldwide to serve its customers with the airline industry’s most current and equipped aircraft.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner showcases unique structural and technological advances. The cabin layout features 32 seats with a 180° tilt “Full flat bed” in the Clase Premier Business Class cabin and 211 next generation seats with extra legroom in the Economy Class cabin. The new jet airliner is also equipped with Sky Interiors LED lighting and windows that are considerably larger than other aircraft of its type, with cabin pressurization to reduce flying fatigue.

The new airplane will also include personal entertainment systems with 16” Elite High Definition Panasonic screens in Clase Premier and Eco Monitor Touch Screens in the Economy Class cabin, featuring over 20 films and 36 television series. It will also include a Moving Maps system providing flight information in real time, the Jukebox application that allows passengers to program their playlists with some of the 1,500 songs featured in the system; iConnect for iPod synchronization with the entertainment system and the Seat Chat system to communicate with other passengers on the plane, among many other advances.

The Dreamliner is powered by General Electric GEnx-1B engines featuring major advances in building materials, such as their carbon fiber structure and high efficiency equipment and systems to optimize operational and maintenance costs. All of this translates into significant benefits in environmental terms, with less carbon dioxide emissions and lower noise levels at take-off and landing.

“We as Mexicans should be proud of the fact that this is the first time a domestic carrier will operate an airplane many other global carriers do not have,” said Grupo Aeroméxico CEO Andrés Cones, adding that “The competitive advantages offered by Aeromexico’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner will enhance our customer service.”

It is important to note that the Aeromexico Boeing 787-8 will be used to serve certain domestic routes within Mexico in October, followed by service on the Mexico City-Tokyo, Japan route on October 14, 2013.

The second and third B787-8 airplanes Aeroméxico will receive this year, of a total of 19, will be used to operate the routes between Mexico City and New York and Mexico City and Paris as of October and November, respectively.


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