Argentina: Yacutinga Lodge’s New Program Combines Nature and Culture in the Misiones Jungle

Two hours from the world famous Iguazú Falls, Yacutinga Lodge and it’s wild life Reserve is located deep in the Misiones jungle, almost entirely surrounded by the upper Iquazú river, the same river that curves through the National Parks of Argentina and Brazil, and continues to flow southward to form a gigantic horseshoe, that becomes the majestic waterfalls.

Amongst the green, Yacutinga lodge is a comfortable shelter in complete harmony with the environment. The buildings blend in with the environment. Materials collected from the site, such as rocks and fallen trees, are included in the design.

This season, the lodge is launching a new program titled “Yacutinga, Nature & Guarani Culture”. This new program of 3 nights includes the paddling through the waters of the jungle, hikes exploring the wonderful and colorful details of the environment and sharing experiences with representatives of the Guaraní community, who have decided to share their history and to show the jungle to us from their cosmovision.

The program is the ideal itinerary for those travelers willing to discover the “roots” of the rainforest away from massive tourism .This peculiar eco-tour, unique in Argentina, melts the comfortable jungle lodging of Yacutinga with the interpretation of the environment, its fauna and flora, together with the cultural experience of sharing time with the Guaraní Community KaguiPora.

Yacutinga Lodge,

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