BIT Introduces Brand New “Business Class” Experience For 2014 Exhibition

The next edition of the Borsa Internazionale del Turismo (BIT) will be marked by a B2B revolution: new dates, optimized exhibition concept, transformed workshops, cooperation with Expo 2015, and new services available before the event.

To further increase the focus on business, the dates and exhibition concept have made some changes. The exhibition has been shortened to three days from four, Thursday to Saturday – all dedicated to operators with access for the target audience of trade-travellers only Saturday – and an optimized circuit with the Italy section hosted in pavilions 1-3 and The World in pavilions 2-4, which will also include the Business Village.

Bit 2014 creates new business opportunities by opening up the territory. In particular, it includes a shared exhibition circuit paired with Expo 2015 as a conduit for visitors to Milan and the entire Country System, which is galvanized in the Bit BuyExpo 2015 workshop. Thanks to the presence of select hosted buyers, Bit 2014 is a venue for planning and purchasing tourist packages related to Expo, an extraordinary opportunity for the Italian and international markets.

Great news for Bit BuyItaly and Bit BuyClub as a new concept will bring buyers directly to the booths thanks to an appointment agenda set up by EMP – Expo Matching Program. There will be an increase in specialized hosted buyers as BIT BuyItaly expects more than 1,000 buyers and more than 2,500 sellers.

The “business class treatment” begins as early as the first approach to the show. Exhibition packages or free display space at competitive prices – and For professional visitors there is free entrance for those who pre-register prior to February 12, 2014. On Saturday, February 14 admission will be granted to the target audience of trade-consumers to allow tour operators and destinations to offer special and exclusive opportunities for travellers attending Bit 2014.

Completing the concept is a key training and information component, which will include the presence of some of the leading opinion leaders and influential personalities in the industry, while exhibitors can use the conference rooms for specialized training, an event room for corporate conventions and networking opportunities, in partnership with Bit 2014.


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