VAX VacationAccess Launches 2013 Ski Campaign for Agents

VAX VacationAccess has launched their new ski campaign that is specially designed to educate travel agents on ski vacation opportunities. With winter fast approaching, the initiative will help travel agents sell more and be profitable throughout an often overlooked part of a busy selling season.

To help agents take advantage of opportunities, the Ski Vacation Resource Center includes a variety of educational sections, including markets for ski, booking a package, qualifying the sale, promotions, e-postcards, recommended hotels and destination highlights.

“The VAX team is constantly ensuring that agents stay ahead of the curve by identifying timely opportunities to increase revenue and be more productive,” said Noel Fitzgerald, director of agency and supplier relationships for VAX. “The 2013 Ski Campaign will help agents prepare for a prime selling season and offer all the necessary resources in one convenient place to increase efficiency and maximize profitability in today’s competitive travel market.”

VAX VacationAccess,

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