South African Airways Remembers Nelson Mandela


“We salute Tata Nelson Mandela as the father of South African democracy, and acknowledge that South African Airways (SAA) today is the leading carrier on the African continent due to his iconic and legendary statesmanship.

Tata Mandela is the father of nations, a revered global icon, a revolutionary, a diplomat, a former President and a beacon of greatness that is celebrated all across the world. This is a man who compassionately offered close to seven decades of his life serving others. He sacrificed 27 years of his freedom to ensure that all South Africans are free.

Each of us can learn from his commitment and selflessness in serving the people of South Africa. His infinite wisdom helped this country to achieve its greatest achievement yet – to free ourselves from the shackles of Apartheid and transform into, in an exemplary and peaceful manner, a democracy.

Tata Mandela is a brilliant South African light that illuminated the world with his ideologies that resonate with the areas that are most critical to all of us at SAA. These include equal rights for women, honouring our nation’s children and the ability to pursue excellence and transcend race.

In isiXhosa we salute Tata Madiba as iQhawe la maQhawe: A Nation’s Hero, a Man among Men. From a lineage of royalty, he has elevated our entire nation to royalty. His memory lets us carry ourselves as Kings and Queens of our vibrant nation. Let us continue to fight for the spirit of equality and also be grateful for the myriad of opportunities that we have now because of this African legend. It is because of this global South African icon that the South African national carrier can connect people from all over the world and from our beloved South Africa.

In his memory we will continue taking our country’s proud flag of freedom and our icon’s legacy across the globe. It is because of this father of many nations that SAA is able to help build South Africa into a country that we can be proud.

In his memory, let us always pursue excellence.

Let us inscribe his words on our hearts: ‘Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom’.”

South African Airways,

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