Nomadic Expeditions Adds Several New Adventure Itineraries


Experiencing Asia authentically just got a lot easier with new developments from Nomadic Expeditions. The company has enhanced its website to offer smoother perusing of cultural journeys, active adventures and other expeditions across the continent.

Prime among enhancements to Nomadic Expeditions website is a new Trip Finder tool that enables visitors to navigate the company’s  selection of adventures. Punch in a region, departure month and trip type and the tool will deliver options suited to individual preferences.

From tracking snow leopards in the wild to traveling via train across the vast reaches of Siberia, Nomadic Expeditions has also added new adventures and expeditions to delight travelers in the year ahead:

  • Nomadic Expeditions’ Winter Festivals of Mongolia explores the country’s dramatic winter landscapes and celebrations. The annual winter Golden Eagle Festival, held by local Kazakhs traveling from western Mongolia, features nearly a dozen hunters who come to display their trained Golden Eagles. On Lake Hovsgol,  the Ice Festival features horse and sled races and traditional games. Here, guests spend the night in a ger overlooking the lake’s magical winter landscape. The Thousand Camel Festival, held amidst the dazzling scenery of the Gobi Desert, is a celebration of the endangered Bactrian camel and the important role it plays in the lives of the Gobi’s nomads. Camel races and polo competitions, as well as performances of traditional Mongolian music and dance, are among the highlights of the annual event. February 28-March 10, 2014; from $4,395 per person
  •  Train travel, just like river cruising, is having a comeback and Nomadic’s trips offer travelers a couple of trans-Siberian routes to choose from. Travelers can pick to depart from Moscow to travel all the way to Beijing (or from Beijing to Moscow) on a 16-day non-stop journey through the best of Russia, Mongolia and China. On this trip,  discover imposing architectural wonders in downtown Moscow, the Great Wall of China, and Mongolia’s vast Gobi Desert. Several departures from May to September 2014; from $9,595 per person
  • The Quest for the Snow Leopard focuses on the elusive Himalayan cat and its habitat, and is tailored for those who thrive on exploratory journeys in challenging conditions that are well off the beaten path. The two-week journey invites guests to track the striking snow leopard and take in areas populated with rare animals and birds – from the Asiatic Wild Ass to Pallas’s Sandgrouse. Each day offers two to six hours of hiking through snow leopard habitats including mountains, valleys and past scenic lakes. At the tail-end of the trip,  stop through the Dorgon Steppe at Khar-Us Lake, the 2nd largest lake in country and home of the rare Dalmatian Pelican and saiga antelope, and enjoy a performance by local folk singers from Chandmana village, also known as the cradle of hoomii throat singing. November 15-December 1, 2014; from $15,900 per person

Nomadic Expeditions,

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