Great Safaris Names Top 6 Travel Trends for Africa in 2014


Africa is certainly one of the final frontiers for North American travelers. Its vast savannahs, herds of wild animals and rich cultures leave much to be explored for even the most curious travelers. Dave Herbert, CEO of Great Safaris – a luxury African safari outfitter – and his leadership team have put their heads together to name the top six travel trends for Africa in 2014.

High-end cruisers will move to experiential safari experiences
These days, going on vacation means more than just lounging around a pool aboard an expensive cruise ship. Travelers are trading in their sea legs for exciting adventures that are full of once-in-a-lifetime moments. More people are looking to connect with an indigenous culture, taste local food and explore exotic landscapes. In 2014, travel agents and operators will see a demand for rich itineraries across the African continent.

Boomers and beyond – the next generation of safari goers
Baby Boomers are coming into retirement and will be hitting the open road. They’ve put in their hard work and are looking to take bucket-list type trips with Africa at the top of the list. Baby Boomers have been huge advocates of multigenerational travel as well. They’ll bring their children and grandchildren along on these safaris, inevitably infecting them with a love of Africa creating our next generation of safari goers.

Travelers will ditch escorted group touring for more custom itineraries
Great Safaris has seen this trend, now, over a number of years. It’s the family, small groups, extended families and individual travelers that want to have a unique and personalized experience. They often see this trip to Africa as the penultimate journey. Travelers want it to be very special and full of personal memories – something that a one-size-fits-all group tour cannot provide.

Agents and U.S. operators will be relied upon to be African travel specialists
As mentioned before, travelers want an experiential holiday – something one-of-a-kind. Though a large number of people are turning to the internet for basic research, there are some things they cannot learn or access on the World Wide Web. That is why they seek out agents and U.S. operators with reliable, authentic connections on the ground in Africa who can piece together top-notch experiences.

South Africa, often in combination with surrounding countries, will see more visitors from North America.
Boasting Kruger National Park, cosmopolitan Cape Town, the Winelands and some of the largest cultural meccas in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa is a huge draw to North American travelers that might be experiencing the continent for the first time. Because they often make an investment in time and money traveling so far from home, travelers will increasingly book add-ons for experiences in Botswana, Tanzania or Mozambique.

High airfares will erode the middle budget traveler market
Airfare costs have steadily increased over the years molding Africa into a luxury destination. Middle budget travelers have been opting to vacation closer to home while Africa builds to accommodate high-end visitors. Bush lodges even in the most remote locations have begun to offer truly 5-star service and amenities, while Cape Town and the Winelands lure travelers in for dining and shopping.

Great Safaris offers the convenience of a U.S. booking office coupled with seven fully-staffed on-site offices in Africa. Destinations include Botswana, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, the Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Great Safaris also offers luxury programs to help adventurous travelers explore Africa and create enriching life experiences.

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