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Due to its history and location, Bilbao offers a formidable cocktail where architecture, tradition, sea and mountains, character and history combine to offer the visitor endless tourism opportunities.

Bilbao’s cultural offerings are hard to resist – two of the best art galleries in Spain along with six thematic museums, contemporary art exhibitions, and a daily entertainment agenda: opera, symphony orchestras, theater, dance, film and light music.

In Bilbao, gastronomy is an art. The city is full of prestigious restaurants offering both traditional and avant-garde culinary experiences where you will feel special tasting our culture in unique and iconic landmarks. Do not forget to taste the famous “Pintxos”, the city will offer the best tapa-bars for our culture.

Buying antiques, typical ceramics, exquisite pastries or getting dressed in the latest fashions are the best tips for shopping in Bilbao. The Old Quarter of the city is bustling with shops of all kinds; from the fashion brands to the most traditional shops.

Feel the experience of the territory of the cider
There is a special, different, and unique place in the world that is like no other, the Basque Country, located in the north of Spain. Discover the land; full of history, culture, economy, customs, way of life and rituals; everything linked on this opportunity to “cider”.

The cider, known as “sagardoa” is a fermented alcoholic beverage of low graduation made from apple juice, the Basque Country has had the tradition of making and drinking the cider, for centuries, either bottled or in a cider house, “sagardotegi”, where it is poured from barrels.

Basque Destination offers an original and unique 3-day trip in the north of Spain, to involve your client in the cider culture and meet the cider houses of the past, the present and the future.

During the stay will have the opportunity to see the whole process of cider making, from scratching and pressing, to fermentation, blending and bottling; as well as enjoying the gastronomy experience; tasting cider straight from the barrel accompanied by a typical menu that consists of cod omelet, cod with green peppers, chop beef, dessert and as much cider as you want!

Feel the wine experience of La Rioja
Spain produces top quality and great variety of wines, with unique and different flavors that may vary according to the location. La Rioja, in northern Spain, is synonymous of good wine, one of our world references regarding wine production.

Basque Destination gives your client the opportunity to meet La Rioja, where nature and humans have created a land of great vine cultivation. This tradition has been handed down generation after generation, together with gastronomy.

The journey begins in the family wineries, where one can appreciate the ancient underground caves, a tribute to the traditional wine production. The region offers the chance to visit not only the historical and ancient wineries but also holds the future, modern and groundbreaking architectures. However, their wine experience has much more to offer, including the variety of hotels, restaurants, museums dedicated to wine, wineries and wine therapy spas.

Wine is gastronomy, therefore Vitoria-Gateiz is a must-stop city; a city for everyone. Rich in historical and artistic heritage, gastronomy, you will find endless gardens and pedestrian spaces for leisure.

This 3-day travel offers the chance to discover, step by step, the wine production process and practice the tasting as well as enjoying the Basque traditional gastronomy.

San Sebastian, world’s best fifth city
San Sebastian has been listed as “5th Best City in the World” by Condé Nast Traveler. Gastronomy has been the main reason why readers have chosen San Sebastian before other cities such as Barcelona, Rome, Vancouver, Istanbul, Kyoto, Cape Town or Venice.

The city is a perfect destination for getting around on foot and it is historically tourism oriented, as far as it has been a royal destination from the 19th century on. The Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium and the Parisian inspired building and bridged make the city to be an icon between modern and classical architecture.

For those visiting the region, there is the chance to enjoy the best known creative gastronomy in the world from enjoying the tastes of the best “pintxos” to tasting meals from the world’s top chefs. The quality of the cuisine is well known all over the world, as three of the seven 3-Michelin Star restaurants in Spain are located in this little paradise.

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