Well Being Travel Announces Supplier and Destination Membership Opportunities

Well-Being Travel announced at its inaugural symposium today that it will be accepting applications from suppliers and destinations for exclusive memberships beginning this spring. The conference is currently in session at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and is being attended by travel professionals, top hotel executives, spa directors and travel suppliers.

“Health and wellness tourism is a very lucrative niche that is quickly growing,” says Anne Marie Moebes, Executive Vice President of Well-Being Travel. “Our ultimate goal is to help travel professionals seize opportunities surrounding this very specific market. The message is very clear at our symposium this week; they want access to suppliers and destinations that are committed to health and wellness travel and we’re delivering by helping both parties join forces to become even more profitable.”

Well-Being Travel is at the forefront of it all, having already established relationships with some of the finest wellness suppliers and destinations, including the MGM Grand, which recently introduced its innovative StayWell room concept. Others include EVEN Hotels, a new wellness concept hotel brand by InterContinental Hotels Group, the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council and more.

Destinations and suppliers interested in applying for membership with Well-Being Travel can email dpress@well-beingtravel.com.

Well-Being Travel, www.well-beingtravel.com

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