Guy Harvey Announces Outpost Expeditions Travel Program


Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts announced the launch of Outpost Expeditions, the company’s new adventure travel program.

“Outpost Expeditions will offer exclusive opportunities to travel alongside Guy Harvey and his research and film teams as they conduct cutting edge research around the world,” said Outpost co-founder and President, Mark Ellert. “Our Expeditions will allow our customers to be participants, not bystanders in the pursuit of scientific discovery, and come home with truly once-in-a-lifetime travel stories.”

The new program will offer expeditions that coincide with the field research efforts of Nova Southeastern University¹s Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) and its director, Dr. Mahmood Shivji. The first Outpost Expedition will be March 23rd to Isla Mujeres, off the Cancun, Mexico coast. Harvey and Dr. Shivji will be leading an effort to deploy ten tracking satellite tags on Atlantic Mako sharks, known to congregate off Isla Mujeres during late spring. The goal is to decipher the migratory patterns of the mako shark, a species whose populations are declining and in need of enhanced, international fishery management.

“It’s an ambitious goal to tag ten sharks in one research trip. Having with us a team of Outpost Expedition members to augment our fishing efforts, and fund the cost of a tag, is truly welcome support,” commented Dr. Shivji. “I¹m guessing there will be some spirited competition between our two teams, so we¹re certain to have some memorable stories come out of the trip.”

The Isla Mujeres expedition, as with others to follow, will include the purchase of a tracking satellite tag and associated satellite time to allow Harvey, Dr. Shivji and their colleagues to track the shark for up to one year. The Outpost Expedition team will get naming rights to its tagged shark, and be able to follow its migration on the interactive shark tracking website maintained by GHRI at Nova Southeastern University.

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts,

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