Korean Government Implements New Tax Refund Incentive Policy for Overseas Travelers

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In an attempt to attract more overseas visitors, the Korean government implemented a new tax refund policy on hotel stays starting April 1, 2014 that is set to be in effect for 1 year.

This incentive policy is applicable to international visitors who stay in a certified hotel for a total of more than two nights, but less than 30. In order to receive the tax refund, eligible recipients should be scheduled to leave Korea within 3 months from their check-out date and must present a Hotel Tax Refund Form, which they can receive from their hotel, at a designated Duty-Free Zone. The Hotel Tax Refund service process must be completed prior to leaving Korea in order to receive a refund, and the refund cannot be retroactively redeemed.

Hotel Tax Refund Process
1. Check-in: Receive the Hotel Tax Refund Guide along with the Hotel Tax Refund Check List.
2. Hotel Stay Period: Confirm you are eligible for the Hotel Tax Refund.
3. Check-out: Eligible recipients need to submit their Check List to the hotel when checking-out to receive the Hotel Tax Refund Form.
4. When leaving Korea: Present your passport and the Hotel Tax Refund Form at the designated tax-refund offices in the duty free zones of select airports or ports to get a cash refund.
*See: Airports and Ports Offering Hotel Tax Refund Services

Hotel Tax Refund Eligibility
1. Only foreign tourists who hold a non-work-related visa and who are staying for less than 6 months are eligible for the Hotel Tax Refund. (See 3)
2. The Hotel Tax Refund covers the breakfast that is included in the initial cost of the hotel, but not extras fees like those that are accrued through separate charges to the room.
3. This offer is only available for FIT (Foreign Independent Travelers). Those making a payment with a company credit card, through a Korean national, or through tour groups (via package tour items) are not eligible to receive the Hotel Tax Refund.
4. Please make sure to confirm if the airport or port you will use provides the Hotel Tax Refund service when booking a hotel.

Airports and Ports Offering Hotel Tax Refund Services
Global Tax Free Incheon International Airport, Gimhae International Airport, Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal, Busan Port
ktis – Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, – Jeju International Airport

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