Malta’s Prime Minister Appoints Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis as Head of Tourism Ministry

Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis, Minister of Tourism for Malta.

Edward Zammit Lewis, the former Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Growth, has been entrusted by Malta’s Prime Minister to take the helm of an important Ministry – that of Tourism. He was appointed Malta’s new Minister for Tourism on April 2 after a cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

In 2013, Zammit Lewis was chosen by the Prime Minister to form part of the cabinet where Lewis was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth. Previously, Zammit Lewis was a lawyer by profession, specializing in litigation in the civil, commercial, constitutional, libel law and the human rights sphere.

Dr. Zammit Lewis noted that the tourism sector is a very important pillar in the Maltese economy, creating thousands of jobs, creating large investment and generating significant income for the country.

“In the weeks and months ahead, the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority in cooperation with Maltese and foreign partners shall be consolidating marketing and promotional efforts in the European markets and increasing and launching new initiatives in long haul and new markets like the United States, Gulf region, Russia and China,” said Zammit Lewis

The new Minister for Tourism stated that Malta, disappointingly enough, is not on America’s radar in terms of U.S. travelers choosing Malta as their destination of choice.

“Many Americans associate Malta with Italy, or close to Cyprus, or even worse, don’t even know where we are on the map,” he said. “It is vital that for quality tourists to come over to Malta, we need to give a quality service”.

Dr. Zammit Lewis completed his formative years at St. Aloysius College and his tertiary education at the University of Malta. He graduated in BA European Studies and International relations and subsequently obtained a Doctorate of Laws.

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