Nomadic Expeditions Launches New Trans-Siberian Railway Trips

Gold accommodations on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Photo credit: GE Trains

Travelers yearning to cross two bucket-list adventures off their lists-crossing the Trans-Siberian Railway and traveling to Mongolia-can now do so with Nomadic Expeditions’ new collection of Trans-Siberian Railway trips.

The company has rolled out nine new exclusive train trips on two different train lines, spanning Russia, Mongolia and China, with select routes concluding with a Gobi Desert extension where travelers stay in Nomadic Expeditions’ luxury ger camp, the Three Camel Lodge.

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest train travel experience in the world, nearly 6,600 miles and spanning seven time zones. The two train lines featured in Nomadic Expeditions’ Rail Journeys collection offer travelers the chance to choose between the classic Trans-Siberian railway experience, which travels between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar or Beijing (or vice versa), and the luxury, over-the-top Trans-Siberian experience, which travels between Moscow and Ulaanbaatar or Vladivostok, off the Sea of Japan (or vice versa).

With four different routes, Nomadic Expeditions’ Tsar’s Gold rail trips offer 16-day journeys aboard a red velvet-adorned convoy reminiscent of the Tsar era. Two westbound trips to Moscow-one that leaves from Beijing, the other from Ulaanbaatar-feature six departure dates to choose from, spanning May through September, while the eastbound routes out of Moscow offer three departure dates, each in May, June and July.

Each train adventure here glides past some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and hotspots in the world including imposing architectural wonders in downtown Moscow, the Great Wall of China, and Mongolia’s vast Gobi Desert. Immersive cultural experiences along the way include traditional demonstrations of Mongolian horsemanship, activities along Lake Baikal, an exploration of the legendary Ming Tombs in Beijing, and a city tour of Yekaterinburg, capital of the Ural Mountains. Nomadic Expeditions’ Tsar’s Gold trips start at $9,195 per person, double occupancy.

Nomadic Expeditions’ Golden Eagle train journeys contain five different routes, and 16 departures through October. Travelers on the Golden Eagle can experience opulent quarters and exquisite cuisine while flitting past dramatic landscapes across Siberia and Mongolia. Nomadic Expeditions’ The President’s Tour: Golden Eagle Eastbound to Mongolia is a particularly enticing expedition. The trip, which takes place July 1-13, 2014, celebrates Golden Eagle’s 25th anniversary. Golden Eagle routes start at $15,495 per person, double occupancy.

Both the Tsar’s Gold rail trips and the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains offer routes inclusive of a stay in Nomadic Expeditions’ Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia, allowing travelers to join two unique, bucket-list experiences in one trip. From Three Camel Lodge, travelers can explore sand dunes, canyons and cliffs home to dinosaur fossils, and green valleys in the foothills of the Gobi-Altai Mountains, providing for an immersive experience unavailable elsewhere in the world.

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