Adventure Travel Trade Association Opens Online Research Store

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) launched a new online store this week where association members and other organizations in the travel industry can download original research papers and data. As a benefit to members of the ATTA, many downloads are available free of charge, while others within the industry community can purchase research “a la carte” through the new area of their website.

“The ATTA strives to highlight best practices that will influence the strategic direction of the industry toward protecting natural and cultural capital,” says Shannon Stowell, ATTA President. “By offering research reports we can make this knowledge accessible to a wider community who can help move the industry in the right direction.”

Research reports are available to organizations who are interested in exploring the benefits of ATTA membership before making an annual commitment. Companies with specific business needs might also appreciate having access to individual reports.

Many of the ATTA’s proprietary research papers are available now on the website, including the in-depth Adventure Tourism Marketing Study from 2013 that reported on adventure travelers and trending research and booking patterns.