EMITT 2015 Highlights Health, Winter and Convention Tourism

EMITT, the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition, is placing convention tourism on its agenda scheduled for next year.

Organizing the world’s 5th largest in tourism exhibitions, EMITT will now introduce Turkey’s talents and potential in convention tourism through its creative approach at the special hall assigned as MICE Lounge, with a list of distinguished participants consisting of the world’s and Turkey’s leading MICE professionals, event companies, and convention hotels and centers.

Ekin Fair Director Hacer Aydin highlights that convention tourism is one of those areas which successfully drew in a total of 1,918,179 visitors in 2012. Aydin asserts that Istanbul is Turkey’s leading destination in convention tourism due its historical, cultural, geopolitical and economic strength, revealing that it is also one of the world’s leading 10 convention centers; Istanbul, in fact, hosted an additional 15 more international conventions, raising the total hosted to 128 in 2012.

After its debut in 2014, Ayd?n attests that in collaboration with IDA Healthcare Alliance, b2b Medical Encounters and project consultant Ergun Güvenç, an entire 2,000 meter square hall will be allocated to health, aesthetic, thermal and SPA tourism at EMITT 2015.

Ayd?n also noted that an entire hall will once again be allocated for winter tourism at EMITT 2015. Turkey’s main winter tourism attractants will have the chance to show off to leading winter tourism countries such as Austria and Bulgaria.

A special hall will be placed for convention tourism in 2015 alongside those for health and winter tourism. Turkey’s talents and potential in convention tourism will be presented through a creative approach at the special hall assigned as MICE Lounge. The world’s and Turkey’s leading MICE professionals, event companies, and convention hotels and centers are invited, according to Aydin. The objective is to bring together domestic and foreign event purchasers.

International Conference and Convention Association ICCA’s 2014 General Assembly will convene in Antalya on November 1-5, helping raise Turkey’s position even higher since there will be a private hall allocated just for convention tourism at 2015 EMITT Exhibition immediately due to follow ICCA’s General Assembly.

Aydin noted that all efforts to invite each and every relevant institution and organization to 2015 EMITT Fair are underway and proceeding rapidly in order to bring to life Turkey’s full potential in the field of convention tourism.

EMITT Fair, www.emittistanbul.com

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