Sandra Naranjo Appointed Ecuador’s New Minister of Tourism

Sandra Naranjo was appointed Minister of Tourism in Ecuador on July 1st after working five years as the General Coordinator of Control and Management of Presidential Commitments for President Rafael Correa Delgado.

Naranjo assumes the position of Minister of Tourism in Ecuador at a time when the country recently launched a communication campaign, focused on the international tourism industry, as part of the overall strategy to increase Ecuador’s presence as a top travel destination. The campaign will reach over 20,000 wholesalers and travel agents in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, who will be able to become experts in Ecuador and its four worlds: Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos.

Naranjo will continue Dr. Vinicio Alvarado, previous Ecuadorian Minister of Tourism, overall objective of augmenting Ecuador’s potential for tourism which includes planning and investing in the industry as well as a strategic approach to improving tourism services. Ecuador expects to receive approximately 1.6 million visitors by the end of this year, resulting in revenue of $1,000 per visitor. N

Naranjo and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism are aiming to position Ecuador as a tourism power by making tourism the number one source of non-oil revenues (currently occupies fourth place).

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador,

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