Swiss International Air Lines Launches Swiss Choice Service for Passengers

Following up on its redesign of its website, Swiss International Air Lines will be expanding its products and services over the next few months to offer its customers even greater scope and flexibility in compiling their personal air travel package.

As a first step here, any SWISS customer can now reserve their preferred seat for a fee online at in advance of their flight – an emergency exit row seat, for instance, with its greater legroom, or a seat just behind the Business Class section and close to the door.

A further new SWISS Choice service will be introduced on July 29, 2014 dubbed Special Surprise, which will enable customers to give themselves or a travel companion a little treat on board. The selection will initially extend to a bottle of champagne, a bottle of fine red wine and, on long-haul flights, a fruit or chocolate cake.

Travlers can now also pre-order duty-free items in advance of their flight, via an online order form on, by email or by phone. The new service is offered for any long-haul service and for selected European flights, and is available from four weeks to four days before departure.

“In offering these new service products we are fulfilling the desire among our customers for greater individual flexibility in their travel planning,” explains Markus Binkert, SWISS’s Chief Commercial Officer. “And we’ll continue to steadily expand the range of our extra services here, in close alignment to our customers’ wishes and needs.” Further SWISS Choice facilities planned for introduction between now and the end of this year include the possibility of booking additional baggage in advance.

SWISS has also unveiled a new pricing concept for European services from Zurich that offers more attractive fares and conditions. The new concept includes lower round-trip fares with no minimum stay at the destination, new one-way fares on selected European routes and Business Class fares. The new concept initially extends to 17 European destinations, but should be expanded to more between now and year-end.

Swiss International Air Lines,

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