Costa Rica Experts Adds New Resources for Agents, Launches New Website

Costa Rica Experts, one of Costa Rica’s pioneering tour operator and wholesalers, recently launched an updated website in an effort to give travel agents more information to aid in planning their clients’ next vacations.

“We’ve really built the site with every traveler in mind,” says Aaron Daker, managing director. They have created a page for destinations where visitors can easily explore all of the tourist destinations of interest. Destinations range from the most popular to off the beaten track locations in an effort to provide helpful information for the first time visitor as well as the repeat traveler.

For those with little idea of what to do or see in Costa Rica or those in search of a novel vacation idea, their new page with things to do outlines some of the activities and attractions available in the country. These pages serve to briefly inform visitors of what options are available and which destinations they should go to do them.

The most extensive page built to help travelers is the new vacations page which provides visitors with sample all inclusive vacation packages. The sample vacations are all customizable and organized by travel occasion. Because the majority of Costa Rica Experts’ vacation packages are custom built, this section was built mostly as a tool so that travelers could better visualize what options are available for their trip.

“We are very excited about what’s ahead,” says Sarah Meils marketing manager. With plans to expand continuously in the future, Costa Rica Experts are still working to create more helpful information for travelers and to make the buying process simpler.

All of the informational tools were intended to work together to help visitors make more informed buying decisions. With these choices made available, agents can now utilize these resources to pinpoint what vacation experiences are the highest priorities. From there, it is just a matter of working with the experts to answer remaining questions, make suggestions, and pull all the details together. There is even a book now option which will send a request for a specific itinerary without customization.

Costa Rica Experts,

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