Rosewood Beijing Offers Discount Package to Coincide With Launch

Rosewood Beijing, the first China hotel for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, will open mid-October 2014 and travelers to Beijing can discover all Rosewood Beijing has to offer with the “Time to Discover” special opening package.

Passing between the towering Sons of Dragon statues guarding the entrance and arriving at a foliage-filled courtyard is designed to evoke a sensation of entering a private mansion haven in the city. The Rosewood Beijing concept is to embrace the contemporary vibe of modern, go-getting China while at the same time maintaining a symbiotic relationship with its rich and storied culture.

Travelers taking advantage of Rosewood Beijing’s “Time to Discover” opening package will have ample time to experience all that the hotel has to offer: guaranteed 24-hour check-in/check-out allows them to leave the hotel on departure day at the same time they checked-in on arrival. Also included is airport limousine pick-up; complimentary consumption of all mini-bar beer and soft drinks; and a breakfast at Bistro B or in-room.

The package is valid October 20, 2014 through February 28, 2015.

Rosewood Beijing,,

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