Asia to Africa Safaris Opens NYC Office

Asia to Africa Safaris is bringing its expertise in safari travel to a new office in New York City. “A to A” seeks to extend its footprint and satisfy the growing demand for bespoke adventure travel among spirited travelers in the U.S..

The operator adds that “the timing is astute for A to A’s expansion. Rising affluence in Asia and the economic emergence of Africa have proven a boon to safari travel, with statistics from South African Tourism authorities showing that Asian visitors to the continent grew by 30 percent annually from 2009 to 2012. Mesmerized by the raw beauty of the African wilderness, such travelers are eschewing traditional “sun, surf & shopping” vacations for high-quality, customized safaris at leading tented camps and luxury lodges surrounded by pristine wilderness.”

With the opening of its New York office, A to A is now positioned to continue serving their Asian clients, but also follow their long-standing American client base as they return to the U.S. after professional stints all over Asia.  The new Manhattan office will continue the company legacy with the same personalized attention it has offered in Hong Kong and Singapore to create more than 3,000 customized safaris since in 2002.

Asia to Africa Safaris,