European Waterways’ Panache Luxury Hotel Barge Offers New Summer Itineraries in France’s Alsace-Lorraine and $1,000 Savings

With sell-out tulip cruises in Holland marking the introduction of European Waterways’ newest addition to its fleet, the Panache, European Waterways is offering special savings opportunities to introduce travelers to Panache’s next itinerary in France’s Alsace-Lorraine region, where the vessel...Read more

European Waterways New ‘Artisan’ Theme Cruise for Luxury Hotel Barge in Ireland

European Waterways, a leading luxury hotel barge operator, has created a new ‘Artisan’ theme cruise in Ireland which will particularly appeal to people interested in the crafting of handmade food products. During the 6-night, all-inclusive cruise aboard the fully-crewed, 10-passenger...Read more

European Waterways Hotel Barge Cruises Capture the Magic of the Countryside in Scotland, Ireland, and England and Offer Special Seasonal Savings

European Waterways, a leading European luxury hotel barge cruising company, springs into the 2012 season with cruises in the British Isles that include spectacular views of the Scottish Highlands, one-of-a-kind excursions through the magical land of Ireland, and visits to...Read more

European Waterways Announce a New Luxury Hotel Barge, ‘Biking and Barging’ Options in France

European Waterways have released their 2012 brochure, featuring a fleet of 20 fully-crewed hotel barges cruising along the canals, rivers and lagoons of France and eight other European countries. The latest addition to the fleet for 2012 is ‘Panache’, a...Read more

European Waterways Features Wine Appreciation Cruises in France’s Burgundy

Summer is here and for lovers of fine wine, there’s no better time for a sun-kissed wine appreciation cruise with European Waterways in Burgundy, France’s wine capital. A wine cruise onboard the 12-passenger L’Impressionniste on the Burgundy Canal brings travelers...Read more

European Waterways Passengers Will View Bastille Day Fireworks From ‘Anjodi’

There is nothing like the 14th of July in France. European Waterways’ special all-inclusive cruise departing on July 10 will give passengers the chance to celebrate Bastille Day as they sip champagne while watching the world-renowned fireworks display from the...Read more

European Waterways Refurbishes Several of Its Luxury Hotel Barges

European Waterways has just completed its latest series of expensive upgrades to several hotel barges as part of its ongoing fleet improvement program. Some of the vessels have recently spent time out of the water in various specialist boatyards where...Read more

European Waterways Presents Springtime in the South of France Onboard Rosa

There is no experience quite like springtime in the South of France. European Waterways’ Dutch hotel barge Rosa begins her first full season this April, cruising the Canal de la Garonne that links the Atlantic with the Mediterranean. It is...Read more

Ireland: Shannon Princess River Barge Cruise Company Introduces New Walking Cruise

The Shannon Princess River Barge Cruise Company is introducing a new Walking Cruise itinerary in Ireland for the 2011 summer season. Cruising is aboard the luxury 10-passenger MV Shannon Princess on the longest river in Ireland and the British Isles—the...Read more

Italy: European Waterways Announces New Venice Cruise for 2011

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, will soon be home to one of European Waterways’ newest luxury hotel barges, the 20-passenger La Bella Vita, offering a unique itinerary that spans the Venetian Lagoon and River Po...Read more