FITUR 2015 to Respond to Challenges Asscociated with the Tourism Industry


Among the tourism challenges that will find a response at FITUR 2015 – the trade show organized by IFEMA – are cross-border medical assistance, the reorganization of trade, the new business models and the impact of technologies.

Tourism’s relationship with cross-border medical assistance has much to do with the high quality of Spanish healthcare and the high expertise of its professionals, as will be seen at FITUR HEALTH, which will showcase how tourism companies can diversify their business lines, seek new opportunities, increase their visibility and generate contacts.

Another major trend is shopping tourism and its impact on the economy of many tourist destinations, particularly urban ones, in which some changes are needed. Visitors to FITUR SHOPPING will discover how this new tourism model requires some retail units to adapt and create specialised departments. In addition, the UNWTO will organise at FITUR the first international conference on shopping tourism.

Technology applied to tourism and travel planning is also growing in importance and is changing many businesses. FITURTECH will uncover how it is doing this; the latest mobile devices will be showcased; and a showroom will be opened on the tourism of the future and the emergence of these new business models. Innovation will also become apparent at FITUR KNOW HOW & EXPORT, with Smart Tourist Destinations, the Tourist App Guide and the Apps Competition.

Sustainability, another of the major drivers of today’s tourism, will be highlighted at FITURGREEN, with success cases and tools in three key areas: planning, management and promotion of tourist destinations; sustainable accommodation models; and technology and innovation associated with sustainability.

Another major trend in the world is the increase in gay tourism, which is growing at a rate of more than 11 percent annually, more than double that of conventional tourism. This evolution will be reflected in the FITUR Gay (LGBT) area, which is growing in size and number of exhibitors.

FITUR will be held at Feria de Madrid from January 28 through February 1, 2015.