Nature Air Celebrates Thirty Years of Service in Costa Rica, Offers Travel Agents Free FAM Ticket

nature air

Nature Air was established in 1986 when the small regional airline was purchased by Alex Khajavi and this year celebrated thirty years of service. A whole new fleet of 19 seat Let 410 Expeditionary planes have been put into service, providing access to thirteen destinations within Costa Rica and also Bocas del Toro, Panama and Managua, Nicaragua.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Nature Air has announced a special program for travel professionals to familiarize them with their planes, routes, and itinerary planning services. Through November 30, 2016 agents with proper ID, will be provided a free ticket to fly to any of their destinations along with a 50% discounted ticket to a spouse or companion.

Nature Air provides staff who can assist with plane reservations and itinerary planning, providing attractive net rates to agents and planners; they offer a one-call solution for travel agents. A flight on Nature Air provides the first chapter of an adventure in Costa Rica and Central America. Flying at 5,000 feet altitude, travelers have a birds-eye view of the landscape right below. Planes are fitted with expansive windows from which to view the mountains, volcanoes, jungle and beaches on their way to the final destination making the flight a flytour! Affordable rates, accommodating schedules and a gate at Juan Santamaria International Airport make a Nature Air flight the only choice to travel.

Nature Air,