Two Rwanda Destinations Named Africa’s Top Landmarks

The Kigali Genocide Memorial and the Ntarama Church located in Bugesera District, Rwanda have been named by TripAdvisor as two of the “Top 25 Landmarks – Africa”. The memorials share the history of the Genocide against the Tutsi, in which more than one million Rwandans were killed.

As two of the most eye-opening destinations on the TripAdvisor list, the sites serve as a reminder of Rwanda’s past, as well as how far the country has come in the last 21 years. In addition to visiting the two memorials, travelers to Rwanda can experience a wide array of offerings, including the country’s famed gorilla treks, cave tours, birding, game safaris, art exhibits, and cultural experiences.

“It is an honor for two of our historic sites to be included on TripAdvisor’s list of landmarks,” says Ambassador Yamina Karitanyi, the Chief Tourism Officer at the Rwanda Development Board. “We encourage visitors to experience all Rwanda has to offer, including art, history, and dining as well as our rich nature and wildlife viewing.”

Number ten on TripAdvisor’s list is the Kigali Genocide Memorial, an education center which opened in April 2004 on the 10th anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi. A $15 audio guide tour takes visitors through the museum where they hear survivor accounts of the events of the Genocide. Entrance without an audio guide is free. In addition to the history of the Genocide, the exhibit educates patrons on the global history of mass atrocity. Visitors are encouraged to make a donation in exchange for a rose, which can be left in honor of the victims of the Genocide.

Ntarama Church, number twelve on TripAdvisor’s list, is the site of a massacre that took place during the Genocide. A tour guide takes visitors through the church and Sunday school building, explaining the horror that took place there. There is no fee to visit the museum or take part in the tour, but a donation is encouraged.

Trip Advisor’s recognition names just two of the many must-see experiences in Rwanda. Travelers are able to visit historical sites, become immersed in the country’s exciting culture, and experience a landscape full of biodiversity and wildlife. Rwanda is a top destination for world travelers.