Rail Europe, Inc. Names Zine Belhonchet as CEO and President

Rail Europe has announced that effective August 1, 2015, Zine Belhonchet, CFO of Rail Europe, the Overseas Business Unit of VSC Group, has also been appointed CEO and President of Rail Europe, Inc., the legal entity of Rail Europe in North America.

In January 2015, Rail Europe, Inc. and Rail Europe 4A consolidated into one global business unit, Rail Europe, under the leadership of CEO Fabrice Morel. Rail Europe, Inc. and Rail Europe 4A continue to exist as two legal entities, with an ultimate goal to grow the business faster as one consolidated organization.

“We are excited to appoint Zine to the role of CEO and President of our North American entity,” said Morel, CEO, Rail Europe. “Zine is a proven leader and expert in strategic development.” “Having led the finance and strategic planning function for many years, we’ve innovated and advanced the organization to the top distributor of European rail products and services,” said Zine Belhonchet, CEO and President, Rail Europe, Inc.

Belhonchet has more than 15 years of travel industry experience and has served as the CFO for the Rail Europe global business unit since May 2014. Belhonchet joined Rail Europe in 1997 as Controller of the IT Department. In 2004, he assumed the position of Director of Finance and in 2007, he became the Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning. From 2008 to 2014, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Rail Europe, Inc. Belhonchet worked as a Controller for the French subsidiary of Welch Allyn based outside Paris from 2001 to 2004. He is a graduate of Sciences Po in Paris with a degree in Finance.

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